Friday, June 22, 2012

Rising Storm Announced

We're fully into summer in Keeneston! The days are long and hot and the sprinklers are on full blast! A perfect night for me is to grill out and have dinner on the deck. I enjoy the sound of the cows behind our house and sip some Rose Sister Special Ice Tea as I read at night.

Coming in Mid August will be the second book in the Bluegrass Brothers Series, Rising Storm. In Rising Storm Marshall discovers love is not always smooth sailing. But, with the help and advice from the whole town of Keeneston, maybe he'll find his happily ever after.

To get ready for Rising Storm, make sure you read Cade's story in Bluegrass Undercover, now available in all ebook outlets and in paperback.

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Happy Reading!



  1. I really love your books. They have a mixture of elements that satisfies. A little action, a little romance, a little suspense, a little family and familiarity to make you fall in love with the characters. Great job Kathleen! Keep writing! (Another author I like is Janet Evanovich. Unlike her books, which got stale by following the same story line, your books are refreshing. By taking a new view point and coming from another angle, you keep the story fresh, but you also get to keep our beloved characters in place!)

  2. I can't wait for Rising Storm; I am sure it will be as awesome as the other Bluegrass books. I am so glad you are doing the Brothers! Thanks for the wonderful friends you have brought me.