Saturday, June 30, 2012

Operation Keeneston: Nook/Kindle Giveaway for Active Miliatry

This week the United States of America celebrates our Independence Day on July 4th. As a thank you to the U.S. active duty military for their service I (and all of the characters in Keeneston) want to give them a chance to win a Kindle Touch and a Nook Simple Touch!

The more you spread the word, the more chances there are to win! With every 50 entries we'll also give away a $25 gift card from either Amazon, Barnes & Noble or iTunes.

Here are the rules: 
*Please active duty military only.
*The name, military address and email of the military member are required. 
*I understand that many military members are overseas and can't enter themselves, therefore it is acceptable for family and friends to enter their name for them.
*Please only one entry per military member. Multiple entries will be condensed into one in the case of multiple family or friends entering the same person.
*For every 50 entries we will give away a $25 gift card with a maximum of 10 cards given away.
*No purchase of my books are necessary to enter, but I wouldn't complain :)
*The drawing will take place Sunday, July 8th, at 8:00 PM ET and the winners will be emailed that night and their names posted on my blog and on my facebook page.
*If you send any pictures, you expressly acknowledge and agree to their use by Kathleen Brooks on her blog, website, facebook, twitter or any other media outlet. 
*Winners will be notified and all giveaways will be sent directly to the military member unless they specifically request otherwise.

Here's how to enter:
 Send an email to In that email give the name, military address and email address of the active duty military member you are entering. 
If you want, and they would be appreciated, send a picture of the entrant on duty for me to post on my facebook page and on other media outlets. I will also post a picture of the winner when I announce the results of the drawing.
I will be reading each of the emails, so I'd love to hear how you are doing, where you are , and what you do there.
Thank you for entering and thank you for all your service!


  1. What a wonderful way to pay it forward! As a daughter, wife, and mother of former military members, I am honored to share this with friends who may know currently active members! Thanks for honoring those who serve!

    Karen Lawson