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Author Interview: Sandra Marton

This week I would like to welcome USA Today best-selling author Sandra Marton.  She has won multiple writing awards for her books featuring sexy, complex alpha heroes.  She prides herself on character development to create wonderful stories that readers can't get enough of.

A complete list of Sandra Marton's books can be found at her website,

News from Sandra:
My newest releases for Harlequin Presents are books in a trilogy, The Wilde Brothers of Texas.  Book one, The Dangerous Jacob Wilde, will be on the stands in mid-November. Book two, The Ruthless Caleb Wilde, will follow in mid-December. The third book, The Merciless Travis Wilde, will be published in April, meaning it'll be available in mid-March.  All three books, of course, will be available in print as well as e-format.

I'm especially excited about my new venture into independent publishing! Right now, readers can download my prize-winning novel of romantic suspense, FREE for their Kindles, at amazon. The  book is Until You, and it's had rave reviews.  Readers can also buy my best-selling novel, Charon's Crossing, the exciting story of a woman who inherits a sagging mansion in the Caribbean… and the dangerously sexy ghost who haunts it.

1. When is your next new release due out and give its description.

The Dangerous Jacob Wilde will be on the stands in mid-November.

The Dangerous Jacob Wilde is about a returning war hero, but Jake doesn't think of himself as any kind of hero. He's been wounded, physically and emotionally, and though he's come home to Texas, he has no intention of staying. Jake wants  to get away from everything he's always known—until he meets Addison McDowell. Addison is a no-nonsense New York lawyer.  She finds Jake arrogant and impossible, and she certainly doesn't want to get involved with him… but what does logic have to do with the searing flames of passion?

2.      You are very well known Harlequin Presents  novelist.  How many books have you published with Harlequin?

Yes, I'm happy to say I'm one of Presents top authors, and a USA Today Bestselling author, too. 

I've published 85 books with Presents.  Each has been a joy to write, and my characters stay with me long after the books are written.  My books have been best-sellers in the States and around the world.  Several have been RITA finalists; many have won Romantic Time's Best Presents of the Year awards.  I'm particularly known for my family sagas. I love writing those—I get to deal with lots of characters and stories, and I have a great time, weaving the books together.

3. Your new release, Prince of Pleasure, will soon be available.  What excites you most about this new book?

I'm very excited about The Prince of Pleasure! I love the characters and the story, and I'm thrilled to be writing it as part of my new self-publishing venture!

The initial idea (self-publishing) actually started with my readers, who started asking me to write some books directly for digital publishing more than a year ago. It seemed like a huge step—and one I realized I was eager to take. A few months ago, a  pair of characters popped into my head with a story I couldn't resist, I decided it was time to do what readers wanted.  And I wrote  The Prince of Pleasure.

It's the story of Prince Khan of Altara and American attorney Laurel Cruz.  Khan is a rich, powerful, gorgeous  sheikh. (I have to admit, as a romance reader and writer, I have a definite soft spot in my heart for sheikh novels.) He's in Texas on business. Laurel's had a hard life. She knows, from experience, that it can be a man's world out there, especially when the man is someone like Khan.  She's certain she knows all she needs to know about him: he must be they type who wants women kept in their place. The problem is, the place Khan wants her is in his bed… and to Laurel's shock, that  turns out to be the place she wants to be!

4.   The last book in your Presents Trilogy will be out in April. Which feeling is greater: happiness with completing the story or sadness at moving on to the next project?

It's always tough to leave characters who have come to feel like friends but in this case, I'm not going to leave them!  I'm delighted to say that I'm going to write the stories of the three Wilde sisters!  Readers will meet Em, Lissa and Jaimie in the Wilde Brothers books, and I'll have the absolute pleasure of  seeing to it that the three Wilde women meet three men who can win their hearts. Best of all, I'm going to write that new trilogy directly for e-publication.  Readers who want more information can get it by going to my website, and especially by signing up for my newsletter. I send one out before each new book.

5.  What one thing can you not live without while you are writing?

The internet.  I do huge amounts of research for my books.  I travel a lot and I never use a setting unless I've actually visited the city or country, except when I invent a place, like Altara, but the internet is where I turn for information about houses my people might live in, property they might buy, businesses they might run, etc.  It's also where I find informed people who are interested in letting me interview them, generally via email. I've 'talked' to lawyers, doctors, architects, realtors, translators… all sorts of people have been wonderfully helpful to me in my work.  Talking to experts is often vital. I like to get my facts rights.  being interviewed by me

6.  What was the last book by another author that you read?

The Racketeer, by John Grisham.  I'm a big fan of Grisham, John Sandford  and Robert Crais.  All three write novels of suspense but, basically, their books are character-driven.  For me, as a reader and as a writer, characterization is everything.

7.  What is the one piece of advice that you would give to new romance authors?

See my answer to the above question? What it really means is that I don't limit myself to reading only romance. I think too many romance writers see themselves strictly as romance readers.  I believe that the more you read good writers in other genres, the more you learn and the more your characters and settings come alive.

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