Friday, October 7, 2011

Help! My Husband is Watching Football!

It’s football time in the Bluegrass!  These are the words that turn my husband into an obsessed couch potato every year.  If you’re married to a football fan, then you surely encounter the same phenomenon with its own special twist.  So the question is: What do you do when your husband is glued to the TV for hours upon hours watching football?  After several years of thorough testing, I believe I have found the perfect list:

  1. READ!
I am quite the reader and can tear through a book in the time it takes my husband to watch three football games back-to-back-to-back.  While he watches grown men destroy each other, I often seek to entertain myself with a good romance or mystery novel.  You say you need a few suggestions?  Well, since you asked: Bluegrass Series!

  1. Watch a Movie
Whether you go to the theater or rent a DVD to watch in another room, movies can be a nice escape from your husband’s constant questioning of the referee’s ability to see. 

  1. Go Out with the Girls
Many of your girlfriends face the same fate every Autumn.  Why not get together with them for drinks or dinner?  What may start out as a support group can quickly develop into a great time out on the town.

  1. Manicure & Pedicure
He spoils himself with nachos, beer, and a big screen television.  Why not indulge for yourself and treat those hands and feet to a nice day of luxury at your local spa?

  1. Minor Home Improvement
Sometimes, the urge to Do-It-Yourself strikes. I may want to update the window treatments or plan the next Honey-Do project for my husband.  No better time to plan his demise than while he is glued to the game.  Later, when he asks when you asked him about all of this, just tell him he must not have been listening while the game was on.

  1. Dance Lessons
I really want to learn the exotic dances featured on all of the network reality shows.  My husband is far less interested.  So while he watches the game, I may just have to enter myself in lessons.  Now that is athleticism.

  1. Enjoy the Outdoors
As you sit next to him and see so many people enjoying the outdoors, the mood may strike you to take a hike through the local woods.  Do it!  Enjoy the fresh air and get some great exercise.  Nature is our #1 inspiration and I certainly take advantage of it as often as possible.

  1. Watch the Game
Wait!  Hear me out.  Watch a game with the hubby. Next time you want you husband to snuggle you close as you watch some girly romantic comedy, he’ll be more inclined to sit through it with you.  Marriage is about sacrifice… some of the time. ;)

Enjoy the Fall!  The cold of Winter will be here too soon.

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