Thursday, October 11, 2012

Is Hollywood Ready for Keeneston?

Oh, I am excited!  I have hired a wonderful agent that is actively seeking interest for the rights to option the Bluegrass Series for film/tv.  The process is just starting and it will undoubtedly take a while to develop.  But I want to see what you all think.  If the books do get picked up for film, who would you want to play each character?  I'll do a poll each week with one of the characters in the Bluegrass Series.

I will take nominations starting now, and I'll put a poll on my facebook page between the four most popular nominations for each character.  You can leave your nominations in the comments section or on the facebook thread HERE.

Here is the schedule for each character's poll:

Will Ashton - 10/18/2012
McKenna Mason - 10/25/2012
Mohtadi Ali Rahman - 11/1/2012
Danielle De Luca - 11/8/2012
Cole Parker - 11/15/2012
Paige Davies - 11/22/2012

Feel free to tweet or facebook your favorite actor to get them involved.  I won't complain!


  1. Will Ashton played by Liam Helmsworth

  2. Will Ashton- Matthew Fox or Chris Pine yum this is fun

  3. Luke Bryon or Eric Dane to play Will Ashton

  4. Colin Eggelsfield from The Client List.....definitely.....he'd be great for Will or Cole...or if you did the Davies....I would say sexy