Friday, March 2, 2012

Wow, What a Month!

It’s been a little while since I posted, so let me first say “THANK YOU!” to all of my readers.  During February, I experimented with Bluegrass State of Mind as a free book. I was able to reach nearly 80,000 new readers during that month. And many of you went on to read Risky Shot and Dead Heat. I have been on the top ten of eBook charts for Romance on Apple, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. I have even seen multiple books hit the #1 spot on those lists during February.

Basically, I feel like the luckiest writer in the world and I owe it all to you, the readers.

With more readers, I have gotten all kinds of feedback. Numerous fans have asked about future books set in Keeneston. You’ll be happy to hear that I am in the process of editing the first book in a new series now. The new book, Bluegrass Undercover, will be released in the end of March and features Paige’s brother, Cade Davies. Other fans have reached out to tell me what characters they relate to the most. I freely admit, these comments make my day every time they come in. You all are great!

At the same time, I have had a few comments about typos and proofreading mistakes. In the spirit of always seeking to improve, I have asked for outside help in the proofreading and editing process for all of my books. I currently have Bluegrass State of Mind being re-edited by a very knowledgeable woman with many years of experience in this area.  She will edit Bluegrass Undercover next to prevent delay in its release. Risky Shot and Dead Heat will follow closely behind.

I am very excited about the new Bluegrass Brothers series featuring the Davies brothers.  In anticipation of the release of my new series, I thought we could have a little fun. I invite you to submit the name and a short description of your own “Keeneston” on the Kathleen Brooks Facebook page or on Twitter using the hashtag #MyKeeneston. And you can always leave your comments below. Have fun building your own perfect small town!

As I sign off to edit the final chapters of Bluegrass Undercover, I once again want to say “Thank You”. I couldn’t ask for better readers, bless your hearts! I wish you all Happy Reading!


  1. I love these books...can't wait to read the new one!!!!

  2. Kathleen, I'm one of those readers that downloaded "Bluegrass" as a free e-book and seconds after finishing it, I purchased "Risky Shot" and "Dead Heat." I would have purchased a dozen others if they had been available. I'm a sappy romantic with a passion to read, and if either of these include my home-state of Kentucky, I'll all yours!

    I look forward to reading your future books too. Best wishes for a quick edit and fast release!

    nicole.m.hutchison at gmail dot com
    Blog: Three 31

  3. Kathleen, I downloaded the free book of "Bluegrass State of Mind" and I loved it. After reading that book I downloaded "Risky Shot" and "Dead Heat". I can't wait to download the next book in the Bluegrass series. I am interested in a few characters like "Tinkerbell" and Paige's younger brother and Marshall and Mrs. Wyatt's Granddaughter the Vet. I hope my guesses are right on who may get together in future books.

    Can't wait.


  4. Got the first as a free ebook...paid for the other two...yours are the FIRST ebooks I have EVER paid for...and I have had my ereader for 2 years! As far as typos go, yes, there are a few, but I have yet to read an ebook that didn't have a few, and I have read over 280 on my device. Assumed it had something to do with formatting into ebook form. Am looking forward to reading Cades story next! I am a chronic pain patient, and am confined inside a good deal of the time ; reading the Bluegrass Series allowed for a pleasurable few days.

    Thanks so much for the stories, and the free download!

    Susan, Huntsville, AL

  5. I LOVE your books!!!!!!!!!! I am so in love with Will!!! I have all three of them, i can't stop reading them!!

  6. I just finished Bluegrass State of Mind as a free ebook. I fell in love with your writing style and storyline. I'm going to purchase the two other books now, and look forward to the new one.

  7. I fell in love with the free Bluegrass state of mind and read the next two the same night!!! I love them and I am looking for the undercover when does it come out!!!!!!

  8. Loving your books! As a Virginian now living n the country in Lexington, KY the only thing I have not found here is the "southern charm". Virginians seem much more genteel than Kentuckians in Lexington.

  9. Love Bluegrass State of Mind! As a native Virginian now living on a farm in Lexington, KY I have really enjoyed being able to see the places mentioned in your book with my minds eye. The only thing I wish is that Kentuckians were as friendly and genteel as you portray them in the book. ;) Southern charm does not always shine through. Virginians seem to have the edge on that with the exception of my husband of course.